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Conforming non-conformist

I look like you, dress like you,

Sound like you, walk like you,

Talk like you, but I don’t think

Like you!


The thoughts locked in my head

The dark visions, the rage

The heart-wrenching pain, the

secrets that I lock inside


These are the things that

make us different that keep

Us separated by a gulf that 

Is impossible to bridge


No matter how I try I can never

Be you, too broken, too damaged

To integrate fully into your World

To be one of you


So I hide my non-conformity behind

A veil, a mask, shadowed

And walk amongst you, a vision of deception

But my time will come


A question of authority

What gives you the right

To tell me who I am, what I am, where I’m at?

Do you know me, what I’ve seen, where I’ve been?

Do you even know how I think, how I react, what drives me?


I didn’t think so, you know my label and think

that gives you some right, some insight

into what makes me tick, what makes me work

Am I my label? Does it define me to you?


Well I’m here to show you I am more than any label

More than anything your boxed off mind can comprehend

I am your worst nightmare, a demon figure that haunts your darkness

And worst of all…,


…..I have a voice

Darkness closing in….

My world, crashing down, falling, broken

Inside the heart torn, bleeding beneath the skin

Fires extinguished, passions dimmed to embers,

Strength gone, the drive to rise, the will to power…..


Been here before but each time feels

So much worse, so destructive, terminal

each time brings me one step closer

One heartbeat from the edge of reason….


No recourse, no way back, the only option

To fight when all hope is gone, when fighting is futile

The greatest battles the ones you can not win

But chose to fight anyway, the battles that are already….


States of mind

Black walls absorbing light

The crushing claustrophobic state

of a mind beset by demon blight

a psyche left to reap its fate


From every side the barbs pierce

Soft flesh, the tenderest of tears

Are drawn from eyes so oft rehearsed

By time, the wearying of years


So broken now the mind recoils,

From barbarous sights, the horrors seen

On battle field, the bloody toil

What nightmares where this man has been


Yet still there is a spark of hope

In human heart the endless love

That is the core that helps us cope

When death pale winged floats above.

The politics of a modern Britain

They lie, to reap the rewards

Of a game that entwines

The lives of those

Who matter not, the disposed

Once blessed with Council homes

On the cheap, now weep

As their families scatter

Chasing jobs, as if that matters

“Get on your bike

and look for work” don’t shirk

The responsibility of benefiting society

Like those who sit on benches green

And red, for the ermine trimmed

Who win, and win, and win again

Yet never once observe the pain

Of those who strive always in vain…

politics is a sham

Our leaders, the bleeders

Parasitic leeches that reach

Into the core of our being

And drain us of feeling


Emotion the lotion

That washes our notion

Of serenity, of purity

That once was stored in the Vestery


They test me

With questions and vexations

The nations

Downtrodden soul groans


Yet they bloat, fat and swollen

As we decline, broken

By too much betrayal, our apathy

The final nail.