Warping reality

Phase space, that place beyond imagining to those of us not blessed with a deep background in theoretical physics, where all possible states of a system are represented, where nothing is set until it is observed, where wave and particle co-exist in potentia until forced to resolve to be one or the other. In that sea of potentiality where all is fluid exists the creaton. To search for it is to misunderstand it’s nature, seek it and it resolves to cease to exist in this reality, not merely disappearing but never having existed at all, the time/space matrix reconfiguring as though the creaton had never existed and could never had existed. To hope to catch a glimpse of it is to misunderstand it’s nature to. Hope is an energy and energy is a form of observation just as seeking is. To hope is to acknowledge a possibility and acknowledging the possibility of catching a glimpse forces the creaton to resolve such that it has never and could never exist. Yet every day, millions of times a second across a million million words through a million million million million minds creatons are interacting with neurones and synapses, with brains of a googleplex of different configurations to trigger ideas and thoughts and dreams beyond the capacity of the recipient to understand.

A blinding flash on inspiration is no simple metaphor, it is the minds perception of the interaction between the creaton and the receptors in the brain, receptors that can not possible have developed since there is no possible way that minds could know what shape and form the creaton will take. it doesn’t adapt or change as it has no structure to change, it has no existence in any sense that makes sense, yet it is responsible for every act of beauty, every moment of horror, every choice, every work of literature, of music, of art. Without it no species anywhere would have moved beyond the base animal urges common to all life, without it there would be no driving force to be better, to even understand a concept of better. To try to rationalise any of this is to misunderstand the nature of the multiverse. To try to seek a higher purpose or divine creator is to collapse the probability matrix such that any such evidence will not only cease to exist but will never have existed. There is no creator, there is only the creaton. A particle that is not a particle, a wave that is not a wave, an energy that is not subject to entropy, a force that has no place in a rational reality.

Rely on it at your peril, call on it to your cost, but act as though it doesn’t exist, act as though the creative process is simply that, a process, and strange and magical things happen, strange ideas spring as if from nowhere, as though they had a life of their own, and they do, or perhaps they don’t. That’s the terrible beauty of the creaton, the source of everything that differentiates us from mundane life, that elevates us above the nature of the beast. The creaton is everything, and it is also nothing….


About Autistic writing

Im 46, autistic and vocal about it, a specialist autism mentor in higher education, embarking on my MEd in adult autism, autistic advocate and campaigner, writer and co-founder of asP - the autism strategy partnership #differentnotdamaged #askaboutasP

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