‘A Marriage Ended’ The Graphic Narrative Process Part 4

Page 6 DraftPostit note page 6

Matt again, describing the next step of my process. After completing the draft and before starting the finished image I will spend time observing elements that need to be altered (as well as ideas I pick up along the way as I’m drawing it) As I’ve said before I would not spend so much time thinking about it, but I am being a lot more analytical and this is a useful step for me, and perhaps in the future I will be more intuitive about it.

This is something I observed storyboard artists doing to correct mistakes, rather than using an eraser. Using post-it notes, sticking them over the image and simply drawing over it, it could be as simple as a car, a limb or a whole panel. All I’ve used is pencil, pen and a little pro-marker, just to emphasise the shadows a little, but the benefit of this is that post-it notes are throw away, they’re cheap, they come in packs of a hundred, so you draw these quite quickly and you’re not being so precious about it.

I decided not to showcase all the changes I’ve made on all the pages, but instead just one example of a page that needed the most changes, the page 6 draft. After I completed the draft, all the pages were spread on the floor in order and myself and the other Matt were standing over it in silence, just thinking. All things came out, both positive and negative, things that worked, things that didn’t work etc. We both agreed that this page in particular didn’t fit; Matt highlighting that the facial expression were not appropriate for that moment, and after some compare and contrast I pointed out that the whole page felt ‘flat’, there was no dimension to it and there was a lack of ‘black’ as there were in other pages, a simple over-sight of mine.

As well as making the illustrations I will annotate, which is why one post-it note contains my chicken scratches, some of the things i have mentioned are “the main problem were the facial expressions, they didn’t match the overall tone”, “not enough pure black on the page, “the figures and objects and backgrounds are way too flat and straight, “add more angles and perspectives, more dimension and revised body language and facial expressions”. Overall this has been very important for the process and would encourage others to give it a try, now on to the final draft. Exciting!– Matthew Parker, matthewparkerart.wordpress.com


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