‘A Marriage Ended’ The Graphic Narrative Process Part 2

Matthew Parker ThumbnailsMatthew Tucker Thumbnails

It’s me again, the other Matt, the artist. It’s been a while since I’ve personally updated the blog with progress with the short story, mostly because I’ve been drawing, but I need to retrace my steps and continue with my narration of my creative process.

After the script has been annotated and thought through it’s time draw thumbnails, I’ve used thumbnails before in the past but this time I am quickly imagining what the pages will look like for the draft (It’s a draft, of a draft, of a draft…) There are two images above, one is mine and the other are storyboards created by the writer, you’ll notice that my drawings are small and perhaps hard to make out, like in the past these are for my own benefit and the original images are no larger than the size of a matchbox each. It shows how quick this step is, but it still requires thought.

At the time I had already drawn my thumbnails and was going to show the other Matt, but I had a fun little idea I wanted to try; I’ve mentioned before how synchronised our minds are, and I know Matt doesn’t draw for himself, but I asked if he would have a go at drawing the script and he very happily obliged, I wanted to compare our notes afterwards and I was very happy with the results; we discussed our drawings and I found that we pretty much hit the same beats and in our minds saw the same imagery.

I’ve sort of talked quite a lot for something that is very quick in the process, but it became an interesting day and is an exercise that can be used in future and might encourage other collaboratives to use themselves. – Matthew Parker, matthewparkerart.wordpress.com


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