‘A Marriage Ended’ The Graphic Narrative Process Part 1

A Marriage Ended Script 1A Marriage Ended Script 2

There are so many great short stories on this blog that conjures such wonderful and dark imagery and some of them will be turned into short pieces of sequential art. This is to show the creative process from written script to drawn image; First I take the script (In this example I have chosen ‘A Marriage Ended’) I read it and I start to making small thumbnail sketches and annotations, while at the same time I’m talking to the writer, the bouncing back and forth of ideas is one on the most important and fun parts of the process.

It’s easy in collaborations for communication to break down and certain people fall into their roles, the writer will see their words as something that cannot be tampered with, like it’s their baby, and the artist will think they’re more important because it’s their images that the audience will see. In a way it’s a “I don’t want your word balloons covering my art” and “I don’t want your art spoiling my words”, thankfully I don’t have this problem with Matt, the writer. I think we share a lot of the same ideas, almost telepathically.

This stage is mostly for my benefit, ideas crop up in my mind and it’s good to make a note of them while they’re still fresh, in case I forget, but others enjoy the doodles. Next I will take my notes and start some character designs and rough storyboards, while still taking to the writer. – Matthew Parker, matthewparkerart.wordpress.com


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