The protest march

banners unfurl in the cold, grey light of dawn, the slogans freshly painted but echoing the sentiments displayed a hundred, a thousand times before on the unforgiving streets. A call for peace, a call for equal rights, a call for liberty, the details may change as society moves on but at the core, unchanging, eternal is the sense of injustice, the sense that the game is rigged somehow, that the strongest prosper only on the broken backs of the weak.

If only there were some way that we could work together, re-distribute the wealth that we generate fairly and equitably. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” the surplus being saved against tighter times. A safety net for all who need it, allowing those who can to soar without fear, whilst those who struggle steel feel able to contribute and that their contribution has validity and worth….

….and so the protest goes on…


About Autistic writing

Im 46, autistic and vocal about it, a specialist autism mentor in higher education, embarking on my MEd in adult autism, autistic advocate and campaigner, writer and co-founder of asP - the autism strategy partnership #differentnotdamaged #askaboutasP

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