“Trouble with you is you never know when to stop!”

I can’t comprehend a mind that thinks this statement is anything other than confrontational, a charge of lack of compassion, understanding, the words cutting to the heart of someone who, by nature find understanding challenging and works to make sure it doesn’t happen, yet what can I do? To respond is to prove the point, to seek that confrontation that is being offered. A logical pratfall, a baited trap to see if I’ll bite? What is your purpose? Your reason?

My mind a whirl, kaleidoscoping colours of emotion, the reds of anger, dark violets of despair, cool blues as I fight to retain control, to shackle my errant tongue as ever fibre of my being screams…

“NO! That isn’t how it is! You don’t understand! That isn’t the case at all!”

So I breath, in and out, focusing on each breath, not counting to ten but the effect is the same as I turn, smiling, utterly controlled, and walking away, I win….


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