Sunrise over Donnigton

The crowd erupted as the DJ spun up the platter, the raised arms heralding the first beams of the morning sun, the energy flowing through the mass of gyrating bodies, the weariness of a night spent dancing falling away as the beat kicked in. Sixty thousand smiling faces raised in one joyous celebration of the new day, a new dawn, a new hope. The love of the crowd, the devotion to the beat, the simple joy of movement, of dancing, of celebrating unity, peace and harmony.

A little behind the mass of crowd we stood, hand in hand facing the growing light of the sun. Watching the sky, the flight of birds rising over a distant treeline, oblivious to anything but the moment, the music, the crowd, lost in each other, eyes tearful as we turned to each other, smiling, waves of pure bliss as we lean closer to each other, we kiss….

….and the DJ drops the bass 🙂

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